About Us

Headhunter Sport is a rugby brand that manufactures high quality, affordable, custom rugby kit here in Brunei. 

"The idea of Headhunter Sport came about from two things. One, a lot of my teammates at the university team were complaining about really expensive rugby kit and equipment. This got me thinking; how do I help solve this problem? I started to realize that in order for this game to grow, we needed to find funding to grow this sport. This is hard to do in Asia as rugby is not a main stream sport here.

A few of the rugby lads and I came up with the idea that was very simple, let’s create a product that was more cost effective, of good quality, and then export the product. This would allow us to bring money into the country to help grow the sport and make it sustainable for a long term. This is what we have created; Headhunter Sport.

Our goal is to grow rugby from the sales of the rugby kits. Every time you buy something from us, you will be helping someone pick up a rugby ball and learn to play this wonderful sport. Join the headhunter family and be a part of this rugby journey." - CEO of Headhunter Sport